Elon Musk Fires Top Twitter Lawyer and Ex-FBI Official James Baker; Jury Finds Trump Org Guilty

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Twitter owner Elon Musk on Dec. 6 confirmed that one of its top officials, James Baker—a former FBI general counsel—was “exited” from the company on Tuesday amid concerns that were raised about his “possible role in suppression of information.” A jury in New York found the Trump Organization guilty of multiple crimes, including tax fraud. The Arizona Republican Party is calling on the state’s attorney general Mark Brnovich to investigate Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs.


00:00 NTD Evening News— 12/6/2022
03:22 Trump Org Guilty of Tax Fraud, Other Crimes
04:07 Georgia Holds Warnock-Walker Senate Runoff
04:52 Arizona GOP Asks State AG to Probe Hobbs
05:22 Partisan Disputes Slow Defense Bill Passage
08:01 ICE Gives Wrong Number of GPS-Tracked Immigrants: Report
10:08 Transcripts of Fauci’s Deposition Made Public
12:48 Top Twitter Legal Exec ‘Exited’ From Company
14:30 Analysis: Neuralink Brain Chips and Free Will
16:36 Brain Chips Open Way to Control: Emmons
17:56 Neuralink Could Transform Humanity: Emmons
19:42 Rep. Biggs Announces Run for Speakership
20:33 Jury: Loudoun Official Lied About Assault
23:55 Power in NC County to be Back by Wednesday
24:30 Canada Expands Assisted Suicide Eligibility
27:25 Turner, Verlander Sign Huge Free Agency Deals

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Elon Musk Fires Top Twitter Lawyer and Ex-FBI Official James Baker; Jury Finds Trump Org Guilty