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This is a particularly important topic to me and I wanted to speak out about it. So I invited my friend from California to explain a little bit about the rise of Asian hate crime in America. Just to let you know, we are not experts in this and we just wanted to share our opinions on the subject matter.

If you are experiencing any level of hate crime, please ask for help or talk to your friends and family.

Love B x
01:34 – Introduction to the topic of asian hate crime
03:59 – What was your reaction on the Atlanta shooting?
05:02 – Do you feel that the victims are always the vulnerable? (i.e the elderly, children, women etc).
06:54 – “Asian hate crimes increased by nearly 150% in 2020 mostly in NY and LA”. Are you surprised by this statistic?
08:45 – Being mixed race, do you feel torn? And feel like you don’t fit in a specific group?
13:17 – What do you think of the people who call full asians ‘whitewashed’?
14:51 – what do you think of stereotypes of asian women?
18:19 – An elderly Thai man from the Bay Area in SF died from hate crime, Are you worried this can happen for your family too?
20:34 – Stories from friends who have experienced hate crime?
22:32 – Asian hate crime in the UK
26:38 – What do you say to people who says “this isn’t my fight” or “this is not my problem”?
30:05 – The model minority and “asian people don’t have much to complain about”
33:13 – Is the US doing anything about this? Is California doing anything to stop the hate crime?
35:42 – How can people show support asian communities?
38:14 – Resources to share with listeners
39:47 – Last words?
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