Epoch Times Press Attacked by Hammer-Wielding Intruders; Likely Communist Party Thugs | Facts Matter

Our printing facility was attacked once again — this time by masked men wielding sledgehammers.


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00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Hong Kong Attack
06:20 – Hartford Gold
08:06 – California Loses Lawsuit
10:22 – Supreme Court Reforms
14:27 – Wisconsin Rolls
17:02 – St. Vincent Volcano
19:10 – Honest Journalism
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Epoch Times Press Attacked by Hammer-Wielding Intruders; Likely Communist Party Thugs | Facts Matter
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41 thoughts on “Epoch Times Press Attacked by Hammer-Wielding Intruders; Likely Communist Party Thugs | Facts Matter

  1. Here's my opinion: whether it's big tech de-platforming people. Legacy media silencing people. Or these thugs attacking our offices, the mentality is the same. It's something like a moral superiority ("our goals are so righteous, that the means are always justified. It doesn't matter what we do to achieve a communist utopia as long as we achieve it.")
    But we will NEVER bow down.
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  2. The vaccine issue is more like: those that fall into compliance shall be rewarded …

    Then again, it is also a matter of how is the vaccine made available, say if the vaccine is given to the wealthy and well connected first, then they are protecting a very specific class/group and leaving regular folks behind.

    Sad indeed!

  3. Dear Roman ! Stay strong and keep the fire of truth burning in your hearth. You will be surprised that a blazing light will shine from you so that everyone can see the truth.. Thanks!!!

  4. I’ve never seen such foolish major multi-billion dollar corporation leadership as I’ve seen in these Big Tech companies. Once this all shakes out, they better hope the US intel community uses the hell out of their anti-American, unscrupulously-run platforms because this will eventually affect everyone and better options will soon be available. .

  5. Hey Roman ca n you look in to something for me. This is my conspiracy theory i believe that the corrupt parts of our Government had china make virus in lab then played them to release the virus in china then our Government released it in every major city in the United states by drones. To create a world wide pandemic. To be able to instate every one to be able to mail in ballots to create the biggest voters fraud in United states history.its been a Proven fact that every year the mail in ballot for the sick and elderly since it was instated theres been voters fraud.and because they made it mail in for every one. I said to my self the election would be RIGED. So I didnt register or vote but someone voted for me! for alsimers Joe Biden so if you could look into this for me. I would appreciate it I can only do so mush research till I come to a dead end. So if you would bring out the truth. Sincerly Allan biggs

  6. Roman, This is terrible! Epoch times staff are very brave, I hope Epoch times keeps fighting. Everyone in America needs to support Epoch times. I just recently subscribed. Please keep fighting to tell the truth. Thank you!

  7. That’s wrong for the unvaccinated not to get to go on the ship, especially since we are overcrowded on the border with thousands not vaccinated.

  8. On St. Vincent: i would say it was not reasonable to prevent people from leaving the island to go to a safer location. They may have a natural immunity to Covid and, if the others are vaccinated, they should already be protected.

  9. Doing the history of Baltimore and knowing the history of it's famous families, someone might want to introduce Bloodline Limits in office at Local, State and Federal Levels – with that Pelosi would not be where she is now.

  10. Gold and silver is great, But their was a time the government confiscated it.

    "Executive Order 6102 is an executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion".

    So hopefully it does not get a bad again..

  11. The supreme court will shoot down the left attempt to increase justices.

    The only the house ans senate should have 3-4yr term limits.
    They should not have a longer term nor consecutive terms than a sitting President.

    Which will help combat multiple years of running corruption
    by bought and paid for career politicians.

  12. Anyone that would block me from evacuating do to vaccination..
    I would make it my duty to vote him out of office..

    I would be leaving on a private boat..lol😂😂 🖕🏾 yo ship…lol

  13. Good luck guys I hate bullies apparently chia is one big bully I’ll pray non of you people aren’t physically hurt god bless you people and you also do good work love ya Roman and the epoch

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