Eye Witnesses Detail Moments Leading Up To Arrest Of Colorado Mass Shooting Gunman

New Details Are Emerging About The Mass Shooting At A Colorado Grocery Story That Resulted In The Deaths Of 10 People Including A Police Officer.
An Employee Of The Boulder King Soopers, Maggie Montoya, Who Was In The Store At The Time Of The Shooting Said That She Heard Her Store Manager Yell ‘Active Shooter’ And They All Scattered.

While Hiding In A Small Room In The Pharmacy Area She Said She Heard Shots Ring Out In Rapid Bursts And Then Silence.

About 30 Minutes After The First Shot Montoya Said She Heard The Suspect – Ahmand Alissa – Say I Surrender. I’m Naked.
And We Are Now Learning New Information About The 21-Year-Old Who Is Being Charged With 10 Counts Of First Degree Murder.

Law Enforcement Officials And Former Associates Of Alissa Described Him As Someone Who Had An Explosive Temper.

One Of His Former High School Wrestling Teammates Said Alissa Was Angry After Losing A Match In Practice And Threatened To Kill Everyone.

A Classmate Of Alissa Said That He Would Talk About Being Muslim And Used To Say If Anyone Tried Anything He Would Say They Were Making It Up And File A Hate Crime.

In Addition When Alissa Was A High School Senior He Was Found Guilty Of Assault After He Blindsided A Classmate, Knocked Him To The Floor And Repeatedly Punched Him In The Head.

Investigators Say Alissa Purchased An Assault Weapon Six Days Before The Mass Shooting.

They Have Not Established A Motive At This Point.