Fast Food Workers Nationwide Strike For $15 Hour Minimum Wage

Fast Food workers in at least a dozen cities across the nation staged a strike over the weekend, demanding a minimum wage hike of $15 an hour.
The strikes, were organized by Fight for $15 and a Union.
“Fast-food workers are going on strike January 15, on what would be MLK’s 92nd birthday, to demand $15/hr and the right to a union! Workers will not back down until everyone makes at least $15!” the campaign wrote on Twitter.
The campaign is also urging the Biden administration to ensure equality and affordable healthcare.
“The solution to low pay is clear. By raising the minimum wage to $15, we can benefit nearly 40 million Americans — predominantly women and workers of color — while reducing the racial wealth gap and giving millions of essential workers who put their lives on the line every day a permanent raise,” Fight for $15 said.
Workers say they can’t support their families on the $13 and hour and less they currently make an hour.
Some residents across the country are hesitant if such a sudden hike would be a ‘good or bad’ thing.
Critics say that raising the federal minimum wage would result in businesses going out for good, or prices being raised dramatically.
As of now, the raising the minimum wage is left up to each state.