Fauci flip-flops on the mask mandate but keeps the door open to flip again.

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21 thoughts on “Fauci flip-flops on the mask mandate but keeps the door open to flip again.

  1. "the CDC won't issue guidelines unless the data backs it up"-i guess that is why they had to rely on a computer simulation from a high school student and 100+ year old mask data to make the first set of guidelines…

  2. " I think it's time to tell a tiny bit of truth, but keep up the BS. It's really important for everyone to go along with the BS, because I own a lot of stock in pharmaceutical companies. Maybe consider mandatory, life-long vaccinations on an annual, or even bi-annual basis. I'm Anthony "Dr. Feel-Good" Fauci, buy my book."

  3. Science is not reliable… science now days says you can flip flop from man to woman just because you “will it “ … science says you can decide this gender flip flopping from age 3, yet science says one cannot consent to sexual intercourse until age 18, cannot smoke, cannot gamble cannot enlist in the army because the brain is not yet fully developed to make these life altering decisions. Yet hormones can be pumped at a young age stunting the growth of said brain… causing irreversible damage… science is wack and has no merit these days.

    Ps. Don’t take the vaccine ..

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