FBI Now Involved in Documents Search; Dems Nominate Members to Committees McCarthy Vows to Reject

More documents were found in an FBI search of President Joe Biden’s home, as Biden’s chief of staff is stepping down.

A gunman in California shot and killed 11 people over the weekend. What are lawmakers saying about preventing another shooting?

Democrats set the stage for a committee assignment showdown—forcing Speaker Kevin McCarthy to follow through on his promise to proactively block three Democrats from the Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees. This is while the GOP defends their own assignments given to previously booted members.

The FDA wants to simplify the use of COVID-19 vaccines. The agency plans to make the process more like getting an annual flu shot. When will this take effect?

China’s pandemic situation is sparking international concerns. We analyze the political factors behind China’s official pandemic figures.

One of the most well-known images of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach is a photo of a man with his foot on the House Speaker’s desk. On Monday, that man was found guilty on eight charges.

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