FOOTAGE: Caravan Fights With Border Police; 9000 Migrants Headed to US | Facts Matter

9000 migrants left Honduras in a caravan headed for the United States. However, it looks like they are meeting resistance in Guatemala and Mexico.

In recognition of the Trump administration’s peace efforts, the king of Morocco has given President Trump the highest award that he can.

In Washington DC, streets are being closed, there are miles of fencing, barbed wire, and barricades, armed guards everywhere, and generally – it looks like a militarized zone.

A second undercover video (released just today) shows that their censorship plan goes beyond America, and is actually global.


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00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Morocco Gift
01:58 – Washington DC
04:54 – Caravan
08:00 – DACA
10:20 – Biden’s Plan
11:50 – Twitter Undercover Video
12:54 – Parler
13:50 – China Interference
15:25 – Newspaper
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FOOTAGE: Caravan Fights Border Police; 9000 Migrants Headed to US | Facts Matter
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