Governor: Big Fines Coming Against Big Tech Censorship | Facts Matter

A leaked internal video from inside of Facebook shows Mark Zuckerberg praising Biden’s executive orders, and disparaging President Trump.

Meanwhile, Steven Crowder has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming that they have engaged in (1) unfair competition, (2) fraud, as well as (3) false advertising.

And he’s not the only one going after these tech giants, because just yesterday, the Governor of Florida laid out the consequences that tech companies (like Facebook) will face for censoring candidates during an election.

And while all of this is happening, the top diplomat in the Chinese Communist Party came out and told the Biden Administration to play by China’s rules, and to not cross their “red line.” What does that mean though?


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Florida Governor: We Will Penalize Big Tech for Unlawful Practices | Facts Matter
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31 thoughts on “Governor: Big Fines Coming Against Big Tech Censorship | Facts Matter

  1. Over the next 4 years, do you think Big Tech can be reined in? Or are we on a trajectory towards total censorship? 🤔
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  2. America for the love of God awaken oh sleepy ones…
    government in no way shape or form will ever save or protect you from government.
    This is why the Constitution talks about the Second Amendment and militias and the militia is any
    Able Body male 18 years and older and this is why the Second Amendment says shall not be infringed any law that prohibits anybody from owning a firearm is unconstitutional

  3. zukerberg is one of those traitors we better wake up people. for the 1% who own these people like zuckerberg or Twitter or Google or youtube or CNN and the other official fake news ???? waking up is a must. But these powerfull rich people have technologies to put people asleep! WHAT? what do you think the frequencies that manipulate the human brain is all about? just music? hey the is also the sound of silence our human ears cannot hear but that can manipulate matter?

  4. I will NEVER use facebook or google again. What a lying prik. We have given unlimited power to nerds with no background in History, Sociology nor government, they are totally unqualified for the roles they are trying to seize in society. Their impact will be devastating before they are brought to heel.

  5. Sorry to correct this small issue, Burma became The Union of Myanmar in 1989. Love your news service. Just needed to help you all understand this. President Biden made a similar mistake.

    Can we get a subscription in Australia, with Aussie news?

  6. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNTS AND THEIR MONEY AND PARTNERS WILL FALL. Make them suffer for being huge part of turning the nation the way you see it now . CANCEL THE CANCEL CULTURE

  7. I doubt the fines will be big enough as an incentive for them to not violate them again. This false hope makes me sick. These people (I use the term loosely) do not and never be will care. All we have seen and will continue to see is bad theater and broken promises. Why should big tech be any different?

  8. china joe how he won the election ask his buddies i give u a hint china?????????mark should be in jail for the bullshit that comes out of his mouth and putting up millions to cheat trump of the election

  9. big tech has enough money that they'd laugh if they actually had to pay billions in fines. that means nothing to them. it still means that they get by with it.

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