High Value Men Don't Want These Women?

Do women want and desire men at the lower end of the financial spectrum?


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Introduction 00:00
Pre show songs. Current Mood by Gregory David
3:08 Vapour by Osoku
5:44 Homeless Soul by Fleur Douces
8:42 Dusty Conscience by Matt Large
11:03 Getting Tipsy by Fox Morrow
13:13 Keep on talking by Lionel Quick
15:30 Current mood by Gregory David
18:21 Good lies by Vividry
21:28 Show starts
22:34 Candle of the evening Calone 17 by Le Labo, Fragrance of the day 34 boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Parfum
23:51 fragrance of the evening BENJOIN BOHÈME EAU DE PARFUM
25:14 Pray for MTR
30:10 Is it the tone??? High Value man breakdown
36:05 She’s already been imprinted
38:00 Get the likes up theme song
39:45 On the way to being a Henry
41:00 Ladies, are you a prize for a man?
41:50 HVM don’t want…
58:00 Your going to have to risk to get out of the game
1:09:00 Women didn’t start thinking about marriage until 30
1:14:47 Money world theme song
1:16:03 1st Caller Paulette age 27 and 1/2
1:27:50 2nd Caller Erica age 31
1:39:50 3rd Caller Damayanti age 41
1:50:20 4th Caller Attorney ExcitedImAPhD age 27
2:00:00 Men are not your girlfriends
2:07:30 5th Caller Jen age 27
2:20:18 Instagram post
2:26:35 Closing words
2:40:00 Closing song