Hollywood Mocks the Disabled Often & Trump Never Did! (…comedian K-von exposes the hypocrites)

Fake hollywood actors pretend to be offended by mocking the disabled. Yet they do it in all their biggest movies. Meanwhile, Trump never mocked the disabled = YOU GOT PLAYED… how does that feel?

This is a 1minute snippet. Watch FULL VIDEO here if you don’t believe me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIfRUIm3Kuc


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38 thoughts on “Hollywood Mocks the Disabled Often & Trump Never Did! (…comedian K-von exposes the hypocrites)

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    Also; if Biden is the most popular president of all time, more votes than OBAMA… then where are ALL HIS FANS and why don't they swarm me? Only two Kamala Kockroaches pop up every few hours to say "I HATE YOU" then run away. LoL. That's not 85million people —FAKE!

    *This is a 1minute snippet. Watch FULL VIDEO here if you don't believe me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIfRUIm3Kuc

  2. "Rain Man" and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" are poor examples. Ben Stiller, Jim Carey, and especially that Damon Wayans character are spot on. You could add Tracy Morgan, but I find Brian Fellows too funny. 😉

  3. I do not think that it is proper to toss in "Mad TV" with the radical left Hollywood elitists.

    Mad TV has never been politically correct.
    Mad TV has made fun of people, across the spectrum. No one was too big, too self-righteous, too woke, to escape their humor. In fact, Mad TV leaned towards exposing all of the Hollywood phonies.

    Many people leave comments (in Mad TV postings) about wondering why the super talented Mad TV actors have never reached stardom. I suspect it is because they rubbed the elitists the wrong way, and were held back.

  4. the funny thing is,, the disabled are not OFFENDED being mock..
    THE LEFTIST get easily offended and say they want to protect the disabled!…

    ME:(open mouth ) well, LEFTIST the disabled are not offended, they don't need your protection…

    LEFTIST: ohh silly, they do need protection from SJW like me…

    ME:'ahhh, wait, WHAT ?! ohh you are hopeless….

    thank you K-von.. this is GOOD..
    you are about to be my NO.1 SYRIAN…

    you are already my NO.1 half-Syrian comedian….❤😂😂😂

  5. Oddly enough, Johnny Knoxville was the only one, in the last couple decades, who put out a movie that didn't mock disabled people. "The Ringer" starred actual people with "disabilities". They were portrayed as people just being themselves. It'd be nice if we could all just be ourselves. Except for assholes. STOP being yourselves, assholes, we've had more than enough.

  6. With Women's soccer wanting equal pay, why wouldn't they also ask for the Paralympic Athletes that represent the same flag to get equal pay for same work? 😕

  7. They preach about this utopia. Imagine if Hollywood focused on putting the teachings of GOD in their films. Instead of the trash they put out.
    I wish I could develop an instant wisdom drink,pill,etc.
    I work on bridges, I sample water. 1 in 20 people slow down or move over. This means that there are only 5 out of 100 people that are wise(years of research and a lot of $$$ went into this study, or I sometimes get a little bored. Been doing it for 18years). Some sampling locations are near UNC and DUKE. So there are tons of smart people.

  8. Truth. Though I only approve of this criticism in terms of holding the Demicrats to their own standards. The Democrats are incredible hypocrites, but they don't care about the logical consistency of their message. Not one bit. Their only goal is domination, and they're doing pretty good with that right now.

  9. The libtards in Hollywood, don't even come close to the respect I have of the Special Olympic Entrants. Especially the former Obamination in the White House! At least we know Biden could qualify for the Special Olympics with his mental "Acuity" and his Step climbing skills.

  10. If hypocracy is what leaders do, than they have a rude awakening. Karma is a awEsomE vengence I'm glad I'm not in control of because I can't do better than karma. She makes me glad vengeance is not mine.

  11. So I got an idea Didn't Joe make a commercial addressing trump to do his job America is in crisis Why haven't we done a joke With Biden Not doing his job maybe sleeping in the chair or something

  12. We are living in the Movie Idiocracy… You make me more aware of that every day. You should do a comparison of the movie to society… It's actually sad how close it is to being accurate.

  13. Lol! First of all Hollywood doesn't lean left or right! Just because Kvon posts a video saying the left mocks the disabled doesn't it's true! Did you all forget when Trump mocked the disable reporter?! I'm pretty sure all of you right wingers saw it cuz I did n I didn't vote for Trump! Lol

  14. I agreed with the headline until it got to the part where it says Trump never did and that's when it all turned into BS. Because he did and it was live, so no fake news there.

  15. It's ashame you don't have more subscribers but I get the sneaky suspicion that the YT algorithm doesn't like you and tries to hide any critique of the Dems/Left…. But I'm a crazy, tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist.

  16. Yea they have to tell us how awful gun violence is and there's something with people fighting for their second amendment rights but they make billions of dollars with movies and video games of gun violence in video games there's realistic images of you killing people. It's like practice for mass shootings. And are the celebs security using sling shots to guard them? I think not

  17. I believe that's because she's a member of the MOTHERS OF DARKNESS and Carrie Fisher wanted to say it .. then Debbie Remolds was going to talk about HER HUSBAND .. and we seen the rest

  18. Someone must really hate their actual life if you’re constantly worried about liberals. It’s like they’re living rent free in that tiny little head of yours.
    I tried to find some humor in your act, but there’s literally none.
    Luckily, you’ll always have an audience of disgruntled conservatives who also hate their lives and will support your lack of talent.

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