House Panel Launches Biden Doc Investigation; Air Traffic Resuming After FAA Halts Flights | NTD

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00:00 NTD News Today—1/11/2023
01:39 Air Traffic Resuming After FAA Halts Flights
02:21 House Launches Biden Document Investigation
04:46 Oversight Cmte to See Biden Family Financials
05:26 House Bill to Abolish IRS, Replace Income Tax
07:14 IRS Issues 12 Million Refunds After Revisions
08:09 House Wants Panel to Probe Federal Agencies
09:07 Dems to Be Removed from House Committees
10:16 Dems File Ethics Complaint Against Santos
11:00 Rep. Gaetz Wants C-SPAN Cameras on Full Time
11:36 ‘Aggressive’ Censorship by Quasi-State Actor
13:37 Tucker: Censorship Crucial to ‘Push a Lie’
14:31 Gottlieb’s Role in Lockdowns, Mandates
16:09 Can Troops Return After Vaccine Refusals?
16:58 Storms Continue to Batter California
19:36 Ca: Tesla Driver Crashes into Pool
20:46 Illinois Gun Control
22:01 Huckabee Sanders Sworn In
22:29 Arkansas Governor Bans Use of Term ‘Latinx’
23:11 Mega Millions Jackpot Swells to $1.35 Billion
24:17 Co: Paintings Worth $400K+ Stolen from Truck
26:34 Taiwan Air Force Holds Annual Showcase Drill
28:13 Many Organs Replaced’: CCP Official Obituary
32:29 How Strained China-Aus Relations Hit Trade
34:30 Australian Court Denies Spy’s Visa Appeal
35:58 UK Minister Meets with Lawyers for Jailed Hong Kong Publisher
37:24 Russia Claims to Control Ukraine’s Soledar
38:01 U.S. Military Vehicles Arrive in Europe
38:36 Ukrainian Army to Train on Us Patriot System
39:16 6 Injured in Knife Attack at Paris Station
39:56 French Doctors Protests Working Conditions
42:21 France Ups Retirement Age in Pension Change
42:59 Czech Republic to Hold Presidential Election
45:18 Amazon Plans to Shut Three UK Warehouses
45:49 New Aircraft Offers Agricultural Convenience
47:35 Luxury Car Brands Have Record Sales Again
48:11 Aus Volunteers Fish Out Trash with Magnet
50:14 Pro Tennis Players Join Association Committee
52:10 Indoor Skating Rink Opens Above NYC Skyline
53:17 78th Vuelta a Espana Cycling Competition
54:14 Can One Food Influence Immune Strength?
56:31 Comet to Appear for 1st Time in 50,000 Years

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House Panel Launches Biden Doc Investigation; Air Traffic Resuming After FAA Halts Flights | NTD