Hundreds demonstrate against racially motivated attacks

(16 May 2011) SHOTLIST
1. Low shot of immigrants shouting (Greek) “Rascism, Never Again”
2. Close-up of fist as immigrant shouts (Greek) “Rascism, Never Again”
3. Medium of immigrants shouting (Greek) “Rascism, Never Again” and holding placard reading (Greek) “Asylum to refugees”
4. Wide of protesters with banner reading (English) “Union of Immigrant Workers”
5. Close-up of immigrant holding placard
6. Pan right from city hall to protesters
7. Close-up of protesters
8. Medium of protesters
9. Police with helmets and shields outside city hall
10. Close-up of sign reading (English) “” with police guarding city hall in background
11. Reverse shot of protesters outside city hall with placards reading (Greek) “Legalisation of all immigrants” and “Asylum to refugees”
12. Wide of demonstration outside city hall
About 500 immigrants and other protesters have gathered outside Athens’ City Hall to demonstrate against a recent spate of racially motivated attacks in the Greek capital.
The protesters chanted “Rascism, Never Again” at the rally Monday, held several hours ahead of a march planned by far-right groups.
At least 25 people were hospitalised after a far-right protest last week, during which dark-skinned immigrants were chased and beaten in the street by gangs of youths.
The violence was triggered by a deadly mugging in central Athens, which witnesses say was carried out by a group of men believed to be immigrants.

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