I WAS THREATENED WITH YOUTUBE JAIL. YOUTUBE censorship is REAL. A 3 Step plan to personal FREEDOM.

Lumberjack Logic – Episode 52 – What is YouTube Jail? Big Tech Censorship is real and what we really want is more freedom, not less. In light of all this I lay out a three step plan to personal freedom. Not just freedom from big tech, but financial freedom, freedom of thought, and freedom from Big Tech.
Parler was taken down but has plans to get back up and Running. Companies like Rumble and BitChute are offering alternatives to YouTube. Amazon, Twitter, Google, Apple, and Facebook have all come out as enemies of free speech and the 1st Amendment. Fortuanately we have options like Rumble, MEWE, and Gab, but they are all facing challenges. For years I have been telling people to #cancelprime and #defundamazon – Will these recent moves by big tech to censor conservative voices finally create enough backlash to cause a change in people’s buying habits?

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