If Soldiers made Movies Realistic- Assault on VA-33

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Have you ever seen a movie and thought “That’s not what I would do!” Me too. Here’s what every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, or Marine wishes they could do. Go into the movie and add a little reality. Today is the trailer for Assault on VA-33.

Original Video Link : https://youtu.be/5cC-8HLvpuI

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36 thoughts on “If Soldiers made Movies Realistic- Assault on VA-33

  1. The VA took excellent care of my dad the poor guy was riddled with cancer cause his wonderful government gave him weekly showers with agent orange but the Doc and nursing staff at the VA in Cincinnati are top notch the are very caring compationet people that I cannot praise anough its heart breaking to hear how veterans are neglected and mistreated in some VA hospitals it just proves what we all already know in the end it comes down to the people the VA in cincy and the VA in Vegas have the same upper command same mission but in one they give a shit about the vets they're caring for and in the other the doc are prolly putting in the minimum effort till they satisfy whatever requirements they have to meet to settle their student loan debts and have hero's from the greatest generation killing over while they are sitting on a wait list for their life saving surgery. Sorry about the novel ☝️.but I always feel the need to defend the VA when they are being trashed even if the trashing is justified thx drill

  2. OK AC was this filmed in Buffalo? Set in Buffalo? They were patrolling in Buffalo by the grain silos? Why? WTF over?? Plus the view of the scajaquada. Plus a REALLY stupid cop. What was I thinking to rent this.

  3. nice quip about changing appointments towards the end. You literally need an act of Congress to push that through, and we all know how Congress thinks of us. We didn't have the decency to die in their oil wars so they just try to ignore us. WE NEED MORE CRENSHAWS!!!!!

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