If the movie Major Payne had a Real Drill SGT.

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Have you ever seen a movie and thought “That’s not what I would do!” Me too. Here’s what every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, or Marine wishes they could do. Although Major Payne is one of my favorite movies there are some inconsistencies with the lead character. Angry Drill SGT calls out the Major for some of his uniform infractions and assists himin laying into the recruits. They’re never too young to start instilling military values.

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27 thoughts on “If the movie Major Payne had a Real Drill SGT.

  1. Oh man Major Payne was funny as hell! Now you’re going to have to watch “In the Army now” with Pauly Shore. I about peed on myself laughing so hard at the response he gave the 1SG the first time they met! If you haven’t seen it yet you gotta watch it!

  2. On main side we Marines do have our OG side out on rolled up sleeves. As far as collar insignia for rank goes officers do have the shiny insignia and enlisted had the blackened Chevrons. Left breast has always been silver SCUBA device and Gold Navy/Marine Corp wings or the silver lead sleds that you get from the Army. Trust me I know I earned them. Oh and when we go to field we don’t wear anything on our uniforms. Unless regulations have changed since I’ve been in that’s what we did from 1988 to 1999.

  3. Army dude trying to talk on a marine corps uniform, obviously doesn’t know anything about it. In the movie he hints that he was a drill instructor at one point. So he’s taking up the role of their drill instructor as he was instructed by his co so he’s wearing the campaign cover to show his authority over the cadets. Plus this a movie 🙄

  4. ok i get that the uniform was jacked up and everything but i think it was mainly to give payne the drill instructor look instead of going full accuracy cus i mean cmon man its about a hardened veteran teaching kids in JROTC as a comedy movie, i still enjoyed it

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