Illegal Immigrants Storm Texas National Guard

A large band of illegal immigrants overrun members of the Texas National Guard; Joe Biden is shedding minorities in astonishing numbers; and Democrats seek to crush Donald Trump financially.


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00:00 – Illegal Immigrants Swamp Texas National Guard
5:57 – My Fundraiser With Donald Trump
8:06 – Biden’s Minority Problem
13:43 – Trump Picking Up Minorities
17:23 – CNN’s Enten: Biden Getting Smoked Among Hispanics
18:12 – Biden Bleeding Minority Support
22:10 – Biden DOJ Suing Apple
26:04 – Biden’s Cash Advantage
29:18 – Trump’s Legal Cases
30:53 – Kimmel Jokes About Trump’s Wealth
32:16 – CNN Admits Mar-a-Lago Worth More Than $18m
34:27 – The Left’s Disconnect With Americans
36:39 – Jamaal Bowman: Paying More Than 20% Of Salary On Rent Is “Plantation Capitalism”
38:08 – AOC: We Need A Green New Deal For Public Housing
39:31 – Republican Infighting
43:33 – Michigan Imam: We Will Slaughter Jews Like Sheep
45:24 – Sherrod Brown Pushes Moral Equivalence
46:23 – Al Green: Palestinians Didn’t Consent To Israel Becoming A State
48:44 – Outro
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