Information about how to help deal and prevent asian hate crimes

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Raise awareness, speak up, and condemn these attacks and anti-Asian racism

Learn about the history of Asian Pacific Islander discrimination and other challenges they face

Protect yourself in the face of discrimination or safely stand up for others as a bystander

Report instances of anti-Asian assault and crimes

how to advance Asian American recovery

#NeedToKnow by Yoonj Kim from MTV News

The Reidout on MSNBC: Asian Americans face rise in racist attacks amid pandemic

Oakland Chinatown press conference denouncing attacks on Asians in the community

‘We are crying out for help’: Actors, activists sounding alarm on surging attacks against Asian Americans

Hollaback Bystander Intervention

These are things that you can research and educate yourself and others about.

Sign petitions, tell people and help fight against these hate crimes.