Injured Soldiers get Punished for being Injured

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Can you imagine having a boss so bad that if you were to get sick, that boss would make yo do extra work or dock your pay? Now imagine there are two of them. Unfortunately for the 2-30 Infantry BN that hell is a reality. During a rough training period the elements of nature went above and beyond to beat down the soldiers of 2-30 but no more than when their Command Sergeant Major and Battalion Commander made a unified statement that any soldiers with an injury will receive a “Article 15.” The poor “wild boar” soldiers became water logged, and fell victim to hypothermia and trench-foot from the winter conditions but many didn’t report it. This was due to their fear of being reprimanded. Angry Drill Sergeant throws his hat in the ring for the JOEs.

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30 thoughts on “Injured Soldiers get Punished for being Injured

  1. That battalion commander and SGM are the biggest blue Falcons I've ever seen. The commanding officer of 3/10 should punch both of them in the mouth then slap em with article 15 for losing teeth

  2. As a innocent bystander, I love it when a shit talker drops names or pokes the bear because drama. Thank you for making my day. Keep it up.

  3. How does the spouse know about the validity of the claims. I guess Officers spouses are outside the scope of HIPAA so their spouses can talk to them about stuff happening in their Command.

    Why are YOUR Soldiers feeling its better to go to a MEME page, because the Chain of Command and Concern has FAILED THEM.

    I get it some Soldiers want to sham out of everything. Your JOB as a LEADER both in the NCO Corps and OFFICER is to know your troops. The Army may tell you by graduating this class or this class make you a leader. This is case in point why this is false. Those schools dont make you a leader, they can help you refine your leadership skills. In my opinion you either have it or you dont and civilians just as much as we do gravitate towards real leadership regardless of RANK or numerals on their NCO Professional Development Ribbon.

  4. Me if I was in this unit: this command team gonna wish they never had me.
    Honestly, no matter how much socks you bring, if both pairs of boots are soaked, you are fucked lol.

  5. This is why I hate the army and left as soon as I could. This isn’t isolated. This shit happens in every unit. I was at Ft. Lewis once when it snowed so much, the entire post closed. Snow isn’t common in Washington so the snow crippled everything. Yet our jackass leadership decided we were hardcore and no snow would stop us. So we still had a training day. In Iraq, 2003, that same leadership withheld water from the soldiers. Triple digit heat, early in the war, people were dying everyday and our leadership allowed us one bottle of water each day. There were so many heat casualties that a doctor finally told our commander that if he saw one more heat casualty, he would relieve our commander of his command. I had a hernia while we were down range and I was refused medical attention so I just had to live with it until we redeployed-seven months later. When we got back, I went to see the doctor. He booked me for surgery immediately. He put me on convalescent leave for two weeks after surgery. Two days after my surgery, my command called me in for a record pt test. I went to the 1st sgt and told him I had just had hernia surgery and was on con leave. He said “I don’t care, you have a pt test and it can’t be rescheduled.” So I called my doctor and told him what was happening. He called my commander immediately. Within minutes the commander came to me and said “what are you doing here?!? You need to go home right now!” Not sure what my doctor said to him but obviously he motivated that commander. That shit happens n every unit, and they wonder why people don’t stay n the army.

  6. As someone who lives in Texas, I don’t think any of the men should of been training in normal Texas cloths in that cold. We legitimately had 4 inches of snow in south Texas.

    I can understand having them train in the cold, but at least have them have proper clothing for it so they all don’t die.

  7. Ohhh how I don't miss pulling stand too at dawn, in the prone literally with water up to my neck freezing to death in the winter months of ole Fort Polk.

  8. Hahahahaaa!!
    OUTSTANDING, Drill Sergeant!
    Doesnt Abuse of Command carries a bit more of a punishment than a article 15?


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