IT BEGINS: Kamala Harris CONFIRMS their Radical Plan for Your Guns

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John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, Kamala Harris said on Sunday that lawmakers need to pass an “assault weapons ban.” Harris made her comments during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash.

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41 thoughts on “IT BEGINS: Kamala Harris CONFIRMS their Radical Plan for Your Guns

  1. Wow, she is so intelligent! Nothing about prosecuting the people who commit the crimes! There are a lot of great people who are legal gun owners! It is amazing how they hate and attack Americans!

  2. Going after a class of firearm, that's used in less than 1% of all firearm related homicides each year.. makes zero sense..? Unless you're just attempting to divide gun owners on the issue, and get a foot in the door.

  3. It “should” lose in the SCOTUS.
    It’s the ONLY amendment that states “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Anything can be an assault weapon, a knife, hammer, slingshot, automobile, etc. They need us disarmed so their buddies, the Chinese, will face no resistance so they can walk in and take us over…

  4. I would encourage our government to get back to work start creating some jobs and getting America back on its feet and doing what the American people elected you folks to do quick trying to police everybody money has made are government ignorant you not going to be able to spend all that extra wealth that you sold America out for if you destroy it you know won't be nobody there to wait on your lazy ass

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