James Webb COO of Farmers of North America Banned for Racist Online Comments

Photo Curtesy of Google Images

Pictured here is James Webb, The Current COO of Farmers of North America, A Major Exporter to China.

Earlier this week we learned that the cancel culture has taken another victim by removing the COO of Farmers of North America from social media platforms for racist comments about President Joe Biden supporters as well as Unemployment recipients. A source told Wrhel.com last week that James Webb was leaving racist comments on social media posts that mentioned Covid Vaccine Supporters and Unemployment benefits.

Wrhel.com tried to obtain a copy of these posts but the links sent to us by our source came up error as they have been deleted by LinkedIn along with James Webb’s accounts. Our sources tell us that James Webb from Nashville Tennessee used fake accounts to bully and insult users on multiple platforms for several weeks. Mr. Webb was said to be focusing his attacks on liberals and liberal policies.

Our investigators are collecting more information about James Webb and the many board seats he holds currently and we will update this story as we hear about the negative impacts this will have on his business and personal life. We are looking for anyone else that has been contacted or approached by James Webb in a negative or racist manor and is willing to share their story with us. #TimesUp

Here’s a list of some email addresses used by James Webb. According to our sources, James Webb used these email addresses to sign up with social media platforms that he later used to spread racism and hate.
@paint-smarter.com @machinerylink.com @gmail.com @weplugged.com @fna.ca

Update: We have located another Social Media account for James Webb on LinkedIn. When we reached out to James Webb about these accusations he ignored us at first only to start placing negative comments about us on each of our company posts before blocking us.

Here’s a response to us asking James Webb on LinkedIn about these accusations. He reacted like a charector from a Kevin Spacey Movie.

Here’s a response to when we asked James Webb on LinkedIn about these accusations. He reacted like a character from a Kevin Spacey Movie.

Here’s a response to when we asked James Webb what other social media platforms he was banned from. Clearly Triggered by our questions.

Here’s a response to when we asked James Webb if his 30k LinkedIn connections are aware of these accusations. He went into attack mode once again spewing gibberish.

At this point Mr Webb blocked us from contacting him. Rather than creating problems for ourselves we decided to end that attempt to communicate with James Webb through LinkedIn. We are currently researching other options to find the truth about James Webb. We have reached out to the top social media companies for comments but we have yet to hear back. If you have any addition information about this story or about James Webb please email it to Updates@Wrhel.com