John Kerry Returns to the White House with Pathetic Message for Blue Collar Workers

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Katie Pavlich from Townhall reports, Former Secretary of State and Biden Climate Czar John Kerry returned to the White House briefing room Thursday afternoon and promised blue collar workers a transition into green jobs…that don’t exist.

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26 thoughts on “John Kerry Returns to the White House with Pathetic Message for Blue Collar Workers

  1. A bunch of Nonsense they have No Good paying Jobs
    In the future at all and the preparation was not even put in place for a single part of any of it

  2. Like obozo's shovel ready jobs that never materialized nor the green companies like what solidarity that bellied up costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars??!! Let him, joebama and their selloutbtraitirious kids pay for it out of their bribes from their chicom buddies!!

  3. The truth is we have to have the above energy set up first. Before we depend on what they say is the future. Then there is the fact that our governments health system is setup to slowly kill all the citizens. They poison the water, then poison the food sources then feed us drugs to treat the elments that actualy reduce our life span all while making billions of dollars wselling those drugs. This energy bs won't help when we are all gone.

  4. Swoops in on his private jet to tell Middle Class Americans that he and Biden are going to make them the New Poor. When he says it's not "conjured up by anyone's imagination" he really means it's all a bald faced lie!

  5. Wait, 5% is going to roads and bridges ect. the rest to sjw causes ….. so is being a mult colored hair, obese, gender fluid and angry individual now a blue collar job ?

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