JOHN SULLIVAN ARRESTED!! Known BLM, Antifa protester, Insurgence USA. Charged, FBI DC CIRCUIT COURT

Lumberjack Logic – Episode 49 – Known BLM, Antifa protester/rioter John Sullivan, who filmed Ashli Babbit being shot after he breached the capital and incited violence has been charged by the FBI in a US District Court in Washington DC. He was actively engaged in the Capital Hill Riots and disguised himself as a Trump supporter and claimed to be a journalist. By his own admission he was also at the Elipse where Trump spoke to a massive crowd at the Stop the Steal Rally and also did the March on DC to the Capital Building. John Sullivan is recorded on video as having broke a window in the capital, instigated and agitated the crowd to burn it down – the US Capital Building – and also encouraged people at an earlier rally to get Trump out of the White house. john Sullivan is definitely not a proponent of love and peace and today he was arrested for his role in the Capital Riots on January 6th. CNN’s Jade Sacker was also seen in the video. Sacker is a photographer that works with CNN and the dynamic duo of John Sullivan and Jade Sacker have been interviewed on CNN.

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