Jumping out of planes at Operation Black Cat – episode 2

Thanks to Grunt Style, the Round Canopy Parachute Team took a bunch of Legs and turned us Airborne. Now I may not be able to wear Army Jump wings, but the instructors at RCPT are all Jumpmasters from various walks of military life; Special Forces, Rangers, and illustrious Infantry units like the 82nd Airborne. They put us through a several day long course and then began to kick us out of planes. The likes of myself, GruntStyle, Vet TV, and Pop Smoke- military Meme pages never had the chance to earn our wings until today.

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48 thoughts on “Jumping out of planes at Operation Black Cat – episode 2

  1. I have seen C130 fly overhead and the parachutes fill the sky. I have watched this vid of you guys jumping. Looks like fun, but I think I'll keep my feet on the ground.

  2. Fricken jealous! Looked like an awesome event and a good old fashion Army training event to get the blood flowing! lol, loved the comment "I don't have time to bleed"

  3. Hey Angry Cops I got a question. I'm getting my waiver processed to get into the military and as soon as it gets accepted I'll be shipping out in may. What should I do to prepare myself for Basic Training?

  4. This was really cool! Especially the helicopter jump!! I’ve done a few solo jumps with a rectangular canopy. I bet your guys landings were a lot harder since you can’t flare.

  5. Hey angrycops my coworker just told me that he saw you in tampa airport at a chick filla man he said he felt honoured that he got to inhale dirtbag privates second hand smoking

  6. SSgt. Hy even though big Army wont actually send you to airborne school, because you keep calling them out on their shit; that was awesome to see man. Glad you all got the chance to do that. Airborne!

  7. BLOOD WINGS!!👍🏻👍🏻 that would get you kicked out of the Army and on the front page of Stars & Stripes and Army Times. No school like the old school.

  8. hey wait a minute, this Cop fella doesnt seem so Angry at all. infact. he seems to be full of joy and excitement. false advertisement.

  9. this is way better controlled than on a fuckin airborne school jump… even tho I seems like it was fuckin hella jankey out of a sesna. but otherwise good static line jump technique all around

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