LeBron James Gets WRECKED By COP (Woke SJW Stupidity 2021)

Woke Stooge Lebron James Roasted by TikTok Cop.

So we’re already off to a great start this year in terms of SJW woke fails and idiocy. Last year did not disappoint with an abundance of ridiculous things being said and done in the name of “social justice”. So I’ve managed to sort though the tripe and find some gems to review and react to in a (hopefully) comedic way. From Black Lives Matter (BLM), protests, woke cringe, SJWs, to Karens. We travel the spectrum of failures in this series of vids

This video is intended for comedic purposes.

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26 thoughts on “LeBron James Gets WRECKED By COP (Woke SJW Stupidity 2021)

  1. Yeah, I live in Detroit and I've never seen a knife fight. to think that it's a cultural thing to have knife fights is kinda offensive as if we're animals that have to fight with knives all the time to solve an issue.

  2. So, the black-owned businesses that can't stay open near "George Floyd Square" are suffering due to rampant crime?

    Is it those white Republicans coming down there looting again?

  3. The right thing for the cops to do would have been to shoot into the air. Saying a 16 year old (who may have been the 911 caller) should have been immediately executed because she has a small knife is good. But its ok for a white boy (Rittenhouse) who just shot 3 people ( some even white) can walk past a half a dozen cop cars with a an automatic assault weapon dangling from his chest in clear sight is ok. No double standards here….LOL…..

  4. All cops should resign in those cities…Let them police themselves, sorry to the good guys who don't agree. Maybe BLM can start a private security firm, they have the money if the leader sells just 1 of her 4 homes.

  5. I would be so curious to know what the reaction to a story of " a police officer stands by as African Americans are stabbed to death "

  6. Kathy Griffin there have never been any knife fights in my neighbourhood and I have lived here for 11 years. There were also no knife fights amongst children and teenagers when I was growing up.

  7. "blindly"? why does this unwoman say "blindly"?
    The shots that stopped the attempted murder in question were perfect examples of expert marksmanship, threat-assesment and risk-mitigation.
    I'd take classes from that man, and i'm a two times state-champion in my discipline.
    i love that cop!

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