Leveling Up, Dating Down And The Danger Zone ©


Intro: 0:00

Show Starts 🎥: 15:20

Fragrance and Candle of the Evening: 20:07

The Godfather’s monologue: 24:49

Money World 💃🏾💰🌎: 54:40

First Caller: 1:02:16 [no audio on caller until 1:03:54] 27 y/o woman says she missed her opportunities?
Says The Godfather has positively Popped her Balloon?🎈

Second Caller: 1:07:33 Says she’s trying to level up her appearance, get in shape to get a HVM?
Says it’s not hard to be a HVM’s wife?! The Godfather investigates 🧐

Third Caller: 1:15:51 Caller can’t seem to articulate her question.🤣

Fourth Caller: 1:17:31 23y/o woman asks about leveling up as she goes up in her career?!

1:22:14 The Godfather talks seafood and…crab legs 🦀🍤🦐🦑

Fifth Caller: 1:24:18 39 y/o woman with 2 kids asks for advice in getting a man that earns the same as she does?!
The Godfather responds.

Sixth Caller: 1:30:16 caller highlights the solutions The Godfather gives and an account of her reality!

1:32:36 The Godfather talks to the Ladies about tattoos…especially leg tats.

Seventh Caller: 1:37:31 37y/o life coach says she is in relationship of 6 months…but said she’s looking for a man earlier in the call 🤔🤔🤔? The Godfather says Shit or Get off the Pot!

Eight Caller: 1:49:53 44y/o woman with FOUR kids by FOUR different Men, Never Married asks The Godfather for “Big Brother” advice on getting married?! 4 for 4s? 4:44? 🤣😂

Ninth Caller: 1:59:54 29 y/o woman asks The Godfather what does it look like to level up?!
The Godfather goes off on women being overweight! Built Ford Tough?! 🤣😂

[2:08:41 2:09:40] callers don’t last long.

Eleventh Caller: 2:09:59 27y/o 6ft. woman asks The Godfather about dating shorter guys?!

Twelfth Caller: 2:15:15 [no audio on the call; Summary at 2:18:33] Caller asks why her man hasn’t proposed to her?

Thirteenth Caller: 2:19:58 28 y/o woman asks about having safety and security from a man?

Fourteenth Caller: 2:24:41 35y/o woman says Men don’t hold Men Accountable?! Had a SON for a man but REFUSED to marry His father?! Says Men are supposed to be leaders…but says she’s leading her self?! Has no male leadership for herself or her son?!

One of the saddest calls of ALL time! Taps! 🎺😠😟

The Godfather speaks on Women creating the very men they complain about! 🗣🗣🗣: 2:37:01

End of the Show [Godfather rants @ 2:42:52 about hair care and black sons!]: 2:42:12