LOL! Jim Acosta should be EMBARRASSED to Show his Face on TV after These Ratings were Released

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Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, it’s no secret that Jim Acosta was a horrible journalist, but he might be an even worse TV anchor. According to new analysis from Fox News, Acosta appears to be the sole reason that the weekend edition of “CNN Newsroom” is falling in the ratings department.

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49 thoughts on “LOL! Jim Acosta should be EMBARRASSED to Show his Face on TV after These Ratings were Released

  1. Acosta, When we exile the shadow government, for life, you,
    will be on the boat. Some uninhabited rock island in Alaska. You can all stay there and lie and cheat each other, and rot in your own igloo, fu!

  2. Don't be surprised if some of these trash networks go out of business. CNN, MSDNC, these are liars with a cover up mentality

  3. When you put a crap peddler on TV to smear and malign a man who is a much better person and in fact a much bigger man than the crap peddler, people will begin to see Acosta for what he is. A small man trying to throw crap at man who is much bigger and better than Acosta ever will be.

  4. Is Acosta still around? Propaganda Jim. Poor guy can't seem to catch a break. Low ratings most of his small career. Try something you may be good at Jimbo, like selling used mobile homes or maybe janitorial work.

  5. Acosta has no shame because he has gone so low there is no lower for him. But then, there is still hell awaiting him.
    I'm serious! 😈🔥

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