Lolo YS: Stop Asian Hate Crimes // Protect Our Elders

Stop Asian Hate Crimes // Protect Our Elders

1700 Naud St, Chinatown LA
Faithfully documented by @chopemdownfilms.
“The attacks on asian-americans are not a coincidence. The US has long dealt in racist tactics to protect its supremacist underpinnings, and we are seeing the ripples of that legacy, in the victims of misplaced hatred over time, the elders, and the victims in Georgia. The truth is, it’s a deeply ingrained practice in the american psyche to look around and pick somebody to scapegoat for things we can’t control. Our fear, pandemic, sickness, and try to put a face on that fear. But we are not afraid. We will not let you put that fear on us. We belong here. Asian American stories are our own; we will choose how to tell them, how we are seen, and who we are.

We will do it without the police. If we can all commit to solidarity,
kindness & education throughout our communities instead of leaning to racism to inform the way we scapegoat, what if we focused on the systems and structures that create racism in the first place?

I have a lot of hope for a world where we protect each other, we give each other power.”
Go to to learn more about how you can contribute, volunteer or donate to the AAPI community.

Thank you to @polatropica, @chinatownqueen, @staticmedium @alwaysbewright, @japanesevillage_dtla, @fouryoko, @morgnar for helping pull this piece together as a contribution to the response to anti-asian hate, and to the community for coming out and taking part in a small celebration of positivity. We were able to donate microgrants to @asiandefensefund and @squidtropica, and will continue to aggregate funds to distribute to these causes. Thank you @monsterchildren, @1700naud, @air_void for giving us space to work and to process.