Maxine Waters Encourages Rioters They Then Shoot at National Guard


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43 thoughts on “Maxine Waters Encourages Rioters They Then Shoot at National Guard

  1. USA is in the grip of a radical left win ggovt. good luck with future elections. President – for – life Harris will get 110% of the vote in 2024 … Mad Max will be the Speaker in Congress when Nancy retires aged 105.

  2. "This has got to wake up some normies"… Uhhhh…. Yeeah good luck at that. If you cannot get people to switch from YouTube to Bitchute at the VERY least – then HOW IN THE HELL are you going to "wake up" some normies with videos? This is ridiculous. Conservatives probably won't do anything at all no matter HOW bad things get – they've become too fucking complacent and well… pathetically weak.

  3. they don’t care if they destroy the whole country! They want to go out doing as much damage as possible! They elect themselves thru their own designed and corrupt voting machines!

  4. She asked for a police escort. My opinion is that all these officials against the police and causing violence should be denied and police help or national guard help. WE tax payers pay for it. If they want assistance let them pay for it. If they will not get rid of her because she is ignorant and abuses her power then it is up to us Americans to make her life difficult.

  5. Why do they even bother to steal? How much can you take with you? These looters don’t have any self respect… they don’t even need to steal but they choose to. And they wonder why racism is kept alive

  6. Honestly, this country is lost if it thinks that “this is a black space” is acceptable. I think BLM is an abhorrent movement already. But the fact that people on the left are just ignoring clear racism solely because the “white ally” said don’t act like a monkey, they face baited that guy into thinking he’s the problem. I think it’s time to start using water cannons, it’s the only way to reinstate order against intolerable rioters. Or actually use goon squads. It’s also terrible that the liberals that can move from the bed they laid and continue to do this to the state they move to.

  7. Some role model auntie Maxine is!! She's disgusting!! Encouraging these young people to get more confrontational by robbing and looting these stores!! Minneapolis is the new Portland!!

  8. K-hive Caught using a bot farm for misinformation ran by a democrat think tank, her name is Sally Albright.
    They use the bots to push against Bernie to make a problem falsely against Trump supporters and were outted by reporters at the Hill. Dems are weak and desperate. They should realize as some have, that this administration went from billions to trillions added since Joe took office. Your interest payment's are funding China's military to take over other countries and soon your own. Hong Kong, Tiawan and even news reports are from Australia that they have been imbedding are are expelling Chinese. They tried to by illegal IDs to gain residence in the country. After they were caught one confessed to being CCP. So now they are expelling them out of the country.
    See China, Russia and Iran came to an agreement and Joe's fulfilling his promises to the CCP. Hunter didn't get paid for nothing. Because of the exploding debt, your a liability to a country that already has almost two billion mouths to feed.

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