McCarthy: Debt Deal Possible by Week’s End; NIH Nominee Received Major Pfizer Funding | NTD

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00:00 NTD News Today—5/17/2023
01:21 Biden, GOP Express Optimism on Debt Deal
04:11 McCarthy: Debt Deal Possible by Week’s End
08:36 Reps Sent Funds to Spouses’ Employers: Report
10:29 NIH Nominee Received Major Pfizer Funding
12:33 Cameron Wins GOP Nomination for Kentucky Gov.
13:29 Elon Musk on Biden, 2020 Election
14:32 House Democrats Move to Expel GOP Rep. Santos
16:08 Olympic Gold Medalist Aims for Congress
16:38 Massachusetts AG Resigns over Investigations
17:23 Worries in Commercial Real Estate
19:48 NYC Sued over ESG Goals in Pension Fund
24:30 Gov’t Considers Chocolate Milk Ban in Schools
26:55 Treasury Details Solar Panel Tax Credits
28:37 Former UK PM Liz Truss Visits Taiwan
30:42 Economic NATO ‘Good’ Idea: UK Politician
32:43 Russia Opens Major Seaport to China
34:29 France’s Ex-President Loses Corruption Appeal
35:07 European Leaders to Count Cost of Ukraine War
37:19 Russia, Iran Sign Rail Deal
38:09 Russia Renounces Cold War-Era Treaty
38:53 Russian Villages Cope with Wildfire Aftermath
41:27 Head of Ukraine Supreme Court Arrested
44:29 Auschwitz Museum Conserves Children’s Shoes
47:35 Hercules Restoration Undergoes Final Touches
50:14 Ivory Coast Chocolate Maker Promotes Beans
52:42 Copenhagen Beer Festival Yoga Strikes Balance
55:14 Rescued Tiger Cub Enjoys New Home

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McCarthy: Debt Deal Possible by Week’s End; NIH Nominee Received Major Pfizer Funding | NTD