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Let’s review mediocre modern women and offer them a tutorial on the kind of men they want.
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Intro: 0:00

Start of the Show: 13:08

Fragrance and Candle of the Evening: 17:55

The Godfather’s monologue: 19:00

The Godfather reviews preuploaded content: 32:49

Money World: 52:14

First Caller: 58:16

Second Caller: 1:14:25 complains of mediocre men

Third Caller: 1:19:55 “Pretty Privilege”

Fourth Caller: 1:32:47 complains of “skewed statistics”

Fifth Caller: 1:43:50 “not our fault we are mediocre”

Sixth Caller: 1:54:24 “My babies’ father watches you and I’m no longer with him!” Imma GED!

2:05:40 The Godfather continues to review a preuploaded clip.

2:09:58 The Godfather summarizes the show

2:15:23 The Godfather gives a powerful message on being better/End of the show.