Military Labels Religious Believers Extremist; Times Square Billboard Slams Biden’s Tax Plan | NTD

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00:00 Military Labels Religious Believers Extremist
A Marine Corps officer testifies in Congress about efforts to root out extremism in the military. He says a military training manual identifies Catholics and Evangelical Christians as religious extremists.

01:56 4 House Dems Back Iowa GOP Rep’s Thin Win
Winning an election by the votes of only six Americans is an extremely small margin of victory. But more democrats are saying they should not unseat a Republican who won that way. Its all part of a storm brewing over a congressional seat from Iowa.

04:23 Border Crisis ‘Unprecedented’: Chad Wolf
Chad Wolf, former acting Secretary of DHS, is calling the crisis at the border “unprecedented.” The Biden administration claims the surge is happening because Trump ‘dismantled’ the asylum system. But Wolf says the facts don’t back up their claims.

07:27 Times Square Billboard Slams Biden’s Tax Plan
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admits taxes will need to go up to fund the federal infrastructure project, and naturally not everyone’s happy about that. The “job creators network” is one of them. It’s an advocacy group that believes government polices are getting in the way of economic prosperity.

09:27 More US-NATO Cooperation Amid China Challenge
America’s top diplomat is telling European allies, that the West needs to cooperate more than ever. That’s how they can deal with challenges coming from the Chinese regime.

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Military Labels Religious Believers Extremist; Times Square Billboard Slams Biden’s Tax Plan | NTD