Modern Women Are Dying Alone ©

In this broadcast will we discuss the ever growing ranks of “leftover women” and others who, for whatever reason, have yet to marry. The initial shock and ripple effect of the whole “you are going to die alone” viral video moment has started a massive conversation of this subject.

Ladies where do you fall in the discussion?

Thanks to @xZettxHaben X for the chapter breakdown

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0:00 Intro

14:55 ~ Show Begins

22:54 ~ Topic of discussion introduced: Dying alone

47:50 ~ Intermission: Get the likes up

50:00 ~ Show resumes

1:02:37 ~ Money World

1:06:22 ~ Caller 1: Christina, 24, relationship of 5 years and questions whether or not she should be getting married already. She’s met her boyfriend in college and doesn’t know if he wants to marry her.

1:10:09 ~ Caller 2: Raquel, 33, but just wants to tell Kevin that she agrees with what he says.

1:11:09 ~ Caller 3: Andrea, dated a hvm who told her within first three months that he did not want to marry her. He advised that she stick around because the money he makes gives him options of other women. She asks Kevin if it was the right decision to leave him.

1:13:59 ~ Caller 4: Tesha, agent care worker in Austrilia claims that men and women in their 80s who don’t have visiors due to no family are content with their overall life outcome of no family. She tries to challenge Kevin with her anectdotal experience.

1:19:08 ~ Caller 5: Ms. Holt, 28, not in a relationship since 23 which lasted 2 years. Asks if there is a certain point where a woman should give up trying to find a man because she is in the “Danger Zone”.

1:27:55 ~ Caller 6: 27, dating a 60 year old hvm in executive management for a year and has talked to her about marrying her. She asks Kevin when to call it quits because she wants to know if she is wasting her time and that he isn’t taking advatange of her.

1:33:33 ~ Caller 7: Crystall, 21, asks Kevin what it means when high value men dont care about a woman’s career and education. Her 30 year old ex who is HP technician who also convinced her to get an education after stating she wasn’t ambitious enough which was also the reason the relationship ended.

1:42:07 ~ Caller 8: 33, asks how do women accelerate the proccess in the chance of getting married when the odds were against them. She considers herself marriadge material and is in Korea becsuse she is in the military.

1:50:33 ~ Caller 9: 33, 5’10, dress size 13-14, third year law student, wants to marry, and she wants to know her options are for a hvm. She also has a problem that she considers “blessed with something she cannot get rid of” and has trouble finding someone because of this “gift”. (She drives Kevin crazy!)

2:05:00 Caller 10: Amber, gets pushed over (no disagreement)

2:05:20 Caller 11: Ashley, get pushed over (no disagreement)

2:07:10 Caller 12: Biannca, gets carried away- pushed, or as Kevin says, “needs to get it together”

2:08:50 ~ Caller 13: PW, she asks how to access facebook group

2:09:50 ~ Caller 14: Amber, 35, dated hvm, asks what she did wrong in previous relationship- Kevin rejects this because it is off topic.

2:11:08 ~ Caller 15: Brittany, 32, no longer bisexual, only dated one man, no children, want to be a housewife, abstinance for 4 years for spiritual reasons. She wants a hvm, but Kevin thinks her situation is just chaotic.

2:17:08 ~ Caller 16: 32, asks how to avoid dying alone if you are in danger zone. She wants to get married

2:20:10 ~ Caller 17: 23, asks why black men (she chose) never asked for marriadge but non blacks have. She wants a black hvm. She disrespects Kevin and gets kicked off the line.

2:24:00 ~ Caller 18: disrepectfully and ignorantly joins the call and asks if Kevin is a chrisitan or pastor. She continues to argue whilst muted- everyone in the call laughs (2:25:52)

2:26:50 ~ Caller 19: Jamila, 23, asks for advice for steps to desired life outcome

2:29:50 ~ Caller 20: 55, married for 16 years (she 33, he 27) and divorced for about 5 years, and verifies what Kevin preaches about re- marrying and prevent yourself from dying alone.

2:36:38 ~ Caller 21: Ashley, 25, convinced she can pull hvm.

2:40:37 ~ Caller 22: Candice, pushed call (no disagreement)

2:41:20 ~ Caller 23: Ania, not working microphone

2:45:25 ~ Caller 24: Call ends due to “cricket wireless” internet connection

2:45:46 ~ Kevin concludes the livestream. Gives women great advice- to come up with a plan. He uses the Titanic anology to get his point across. He encourages women to get it together because time is running out.

2:48:10 ~ Outro and announcements!