Mugshot Of The Century

Donald Trump gets his picture taken by the State of Georgia after turning himself in for arrest; polls are in on the Republican debate, and we examine the results; and Joe Biden’s DOJ targets Elon Musk’s SpaceX.


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00:00 – The Most Trafficked Photo In History 
4:20 – Trump’s Brilliant Statement 
6:15 – Biden: ‘Today’s A Great Day To Give To My Campaign’
9:24 – CNN Giddy Over Fulton County Jail Conditions 
11:35 – Rachel Maddow Covers Arrest: ‘As of Now, Donald Trump Is Under Arrest In GA
12:10 – Trump Booked On 13 Counts 
12:50 – Trump Speaks Following Arrest 
13:45 – The Best Day of Trump’s Campaign 
15:55 – What Does This Mean For The Election? 
16:56 – The Charges 
21:16 – Latest Polls 
34:10 – Fox News Focus Group 
38:00 – DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: Biden ‘One of the Most Successful Presidents Since LBJ’
38:43 – Harris’ Brand Relaunch: Politico Tries To Rehab Kamala
43:45 – The Migrant Crisis Continues To Mount 
45:29 – NY Gov. Hochul Complains Her State Has ‘Shouldered The Burden’ Of Migration 
46:32 – DOJ Targets SpaceX
50:05 – Yevgeny Prigozhin Presumed Dead 
51:49 – Biden On Plane Crash: ‘I’ve Been Working Out’
53:07 – Things I Like 
54:48 – Things I Hate

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