My First VA Experience / Surgery

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I had never utilized the VA before and wanted to document the process I went through for my multiple hernia surgery. I went in expecting to have one hernia operated on (which was exiting from my belly button), but ended up having an additional 2 hernias, on both sides of my groin, fixed as well. Join me and the shenanigans before and after my surgery.

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  1. I felt so bad for you( retired nurse here). Did they not take all the water out of the Foley balloon? Or too fast- of course too slow is not good either. Poor man. I hope your feeling better.
    Well, at least you checked and all your PEEEarts are still in the same place…😳

  2. Thankfully the Army surgery team gave me the option for a cath. When I woke up from my ankle surgery the nurse said I had to pee before she got off shift, or she'd have to cath me so she could get urine and complete her shift. I told her that if I peed in the bed in that container, that I'd also probably shit myself. She said it was OK because they clean it everyday. Luckily I peed on the container and hobbled to the toilet and achieved sweet relief.

    Also, those pee containers aren't always big enough. I had to pee in one recently during a stay at my county hospital and I filled the container and peed an extra 30 seconds in the toilet.

  3. Hey bud, had a similar catheter issue after a bowel resection. A new nurse came in to take it out but the bulb wouldn't deflate all the way. So she said "hold your breath this may hurt a bit.". Ok…..I'm braced and THINK I'm ready for what's about to happen. It was the size of a GRAPE!! NOBODIES JUNK IS SUPPOSED TO STRETCH LILE THAT!! Felt like I was giving birth. My step mom who's a nurse was horrified, all they would have had to do was use scissors and cut the tube. It has two layers, the part you piss through and the litter layer that allows them to inflate it with saline. I KNOW yours was different, but I felt your pain my friend. Unfortunately, mine lasted a nearly a week. I had such a big area cut and was on souch pain med I thankfully don't remember much of the first two weeks I was out. (Until I ended up with pneumonia and landed back just weeks later). This was back in May of 07 just before I turned 30. I think I'd tell them to just put me out of my misery if that happened now.

  4. I had a stent put in for a size 6 kidney stone I know the pain bro I had to suffer for a day until surgery and then had a catheter put in after surgery and they scratched the shit out of me as well but I didn't get no numbing agent had to piss them blades out

  5. Oh mate this reminds me of getting a circumcision as a teen (for medical reasons) I needed to pee before I could leave and this nurse said to my parents "I think it's a pride issue"

    I'm not for abusing healthcare staff but God damn I would have pissed at that woman if I could.

    For those that don't know circumcision is insanely painful once puberty has started

  6. So when someone messes up your wiener, then makes you suffer through the pain, You give them a B+? As a person that's recently had hernia surgery , last month , I'd give that a C- at BEST.

  7. Sadly, because of the so-called "Opioid Crisis", most doctors won't give more than 5 days worth of pain medications post op. I knew someone who had a hip replacement who only got 7 days of meds. It's sad. After my surgery, they refused to give me anything different because I was already on morphine for the pre-surgery pain, which was not effective.

  8. I’m disabled now, and have congestive heart failure now due to the VA screwing up my leg over 30 years ago, allowing an infection to form in my bone marrow that got into my heart, and killing the tissue in my aortic valve. So I hope you never need to use the VA again.

  9. I had a wound treated with a cut and stretch the skin repair rather than a graft. Needless to say it still looks like $h!+ but at least my @$$ is still in good shape. When I woke up from anesthesia i was hungry as £üćķ. I was about an hour late for chkw but the nurses fixed me up with a double portion meal. I Don't know where they scrapped that up but I didn't care at tbe time. Didnt even think about it, just whoofed it up.

  10. I had really bad kidney stones and they gave me a catheter at the er and the man nurse thought it was a stroke of genius to remove the said peepee straw with it's balloon still partially (basically fully) inflated. So I stand with you as a brother in harms in that boat. The upside is I no longer need to call the fire department.

  11. for anyone wondering the nhs here in Britain is half as competent as the VA and you have to wait six months to a year ( if you are lucky) to be seen by a doctor never mind get surgery

  12. Had a torn urethra when I was 14 from a bike wreck….it fucking sucked. They had to cath me to inject dye to my bladder to make sure it wasn't damaged.
    I know your pain, AC

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