New Data The Effectiveness and Side Effects of Vaccines | Clear Perspective

Recently, the pandemic has become rampant in India. As vaccines from various manufacturers are administered around the world, the side effects are becoming more apparent. What can the data tell us about these vaccines?

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New Data The Effectiveness and Side Effects of Vaccines | Clear Perspective


25 thoughts on “New Data The Effectiveness and Side Effects of Vaccines | Clear Perspective

  1. I have worked on clinical trials (including vaccine trials) for leading pharma companies for 20 years. It takes at least 3-4 years to fully establish that a vaccine is safe. Further, Covid has completely disrupted ordinary operations in pharma companies. People there are so stressed and confused that mistakes are more likely than usual to occur. Plus there is huge financial incentive and political pressure to roll out vaccines prematurely. I look forward to watching!



  3. Isn’t this the biggest MESS you have ever seen?? Everybody has different experience and everybody gives you a different opinion ( said as if it Were FACT). Bottom line- too iffy and not enough science backed evidence!

  4. Brilliant report Serene. Incredible amount of data, which is only available on Clear Perspective. Have done two viewings, Youmaker and Youtube, to take it all in!!!! Thankyou for all your efforts to bring us the truth.🌹

  5. VAER Reporting system cannot be trusted. Harvard medical was conducting a study on VAERs and it found less than 1% of adverse effects are reported. The CDC reports 2.47 in 1mil had adverse effects a total about 3k deaths from Dec to March but Harvard medical reports 2.47 in 10k had adverse effects. The actual deaths from December to March could be as high as 300k if we go by Harvard medical. The CDC defunded the study . If we just go by the trend over the decades and how many people are hurt by other pharmaceuticals then we can safely assume they shouldnt be trusted. Too many hands in the cookie jar.

  6. The definition of efficacy rate needs careful definition. Usually it means the probability of preventing disease. But in Covid vaccine studies it's being defined as the probability of developing an antibody response. The latter is only a surrogate measure of true efficacy; true efficacy rates might be lower, because an immediate post-vaccination antibody response doesn't necessarily produce long-term immunity. Also, vaccine efficacy rates are lower for people older than 60, because of a weaker immune system response — yet these are the people most at risk from Covid complications. On the other hand, there's something to be said in favor of unselfishly volunteering as 'guinea pig.' The danger of an even worse mutation developing has to be factored into deliberations.

  7. I find it interesting, even with my wide social and work circles, which includes hundreds of people weekly. I don't know of anyone who has been hospitalized or died from this "Plandemic" including me and my family and we have never worn a mask anywhere.
    Only hear reports on the various social media platforms (excluding Tell-a-Vision, all mine went into the dumpster over a decade ago)
    Sometimes someone will say, a neighbor of a friend of my friends sister caught it. Lol. I'm not buying any of it. As for a vaccine, for what? This thing is clearly bogus. Has anyone checked to see if rhe Obituaries are above normal.
    Please stop perpetuating this rumor of a "Pandemic".
    And remember those behind this "Plandemic" know that if they can create the illusion of scarcity behind these "experimental Gene Therapy's, they are calling Vaccine's, Earthling will clammer for it. It's all part of the Game.

  8. If the choice is flu/covid be the known side effects of those experimental vaccines.
    I take my chances with the flu/covid …
    I had 0.0002% chance of having complications…

  9. That's the main reason that covid19 passport is unnecessary because even a person got the covid19 immunization still there's a possible that they are a carrier and can still acquire the virus.

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