[NEWS IN-DEPTH] Battle Against Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

지속되는 아시아 혐오 범죄, 해결책은 없나: 전문가 분석

April 23, 2021

“By passing this bill we’ll send a message to the country that should be all too obvious by now – hate crimes will not be tolerated and federal law enforcement will do everything in its power to detect, deter and if necessary, prosecute crimes to the full extent of the law.”

“We have gone through an enormous trial over these last months, but it’s not new. What has been happening to our citizens has only increased.

Over one year since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly three months since a senior immigrant from Thailand was shoved to death during a morning walk, and a month and a half since the Atlanta spa shooting took away 8 lives, 6 of whom were Asian women.
But we’re still seeing disturbing hate incidents in many parts of the world… with the U.S. reporting that attacks on Asians in 16 of America’s largest cities soared by an unprecedented 150% during the first quarter of this year.
Continuing fight against anti-Asian hate crimes it’s the topic of our new in-depth tonight, let’s talk about.
Joining us live from Washington D.C. is John Yang, President and Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice.
Great to have you with us.

Various government and civil-level efforts were made to raise awareness of the anti-Asian hate crimes, but it’s disheartening to see many footages and testimonies of hate incidents still being shared on social media.
Have we seen any positive changes at all since the issue came to light?

Your organization, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, has played an active role in tracking anti-Asian hate crimes and gathering attention on racism through ‘Stand against hatred mission.’ Could you tell us more about the mission and the work AAJC does from federal to local levels?

It’s not easy for people to intervene and stand up against a hate crime, especially when it involves violence. And I hear that AAJC has designed a program that can people better respond when they witness a hate incident. Could you tell us more about the bystander intervention training program?

The Senate recently passed Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act by bipartisan vote and President Biden while addressing the Congress today urged the House to do the same and send the legislation to his desk as soon as possible. In your perspective, how effective would it be in stopping anti-Asian violence?

What are the remaining challenges that needs to be addressed for all the efforts to lead to an actual drop in the number of anti-Asian hate crimes?

John Yang, President and Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice for us tonight. Thank you.

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2021-04-29, 19:00 (KST)