Officer Consults LeBron James Before Interfering In A Knife Attack

“MJ is the GOAT… What? Nevermind, Bye”

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34 thoughts on “Officer Consults LeBron James Before Interfering In A Knife Attack

  1. All lives matter.
    I'm Black, been stopped by cops here and there in my life for speeding or random checks. Never a problem. Treat a cop like any other working human being and all is well. Act like an asshole and you get what you deserve.

  2. isn't kind of the problem that public servants( right or wrong) feel comfortable posting videos mocking citizens (in uniform on tax payers dime) with no fear of repercussions. You try that at your job and see what happens. Lebron is a free man with free speech (like it or not) and while wearing that uniform that cop has a duty to protect those rights and should not be mocking it. Cops have lowered their professional standards and lack respect for the public and the rights of people they are suppose to be serving. Servants, especially on the clock, should focus on their job and keep their mouth shut.

  3. As humorous as this is, it is also what the left see’s as the correct way for cops to perform their job.
    Its no wonder so many officers are leaving the force. Why risk your livelihood or worse, your life, to serve and protect those who want you defunded, in prison or dead for doing your job?

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