Officers Shoot Man Who fired at Them While Investigating Apple Watch Robbery

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Jacksonville, Florida — On Friday, January 20, 2023, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers responded to a residential burglary in the 1700 block of West 2nd Street. A witness provided a physical description of the burglary. The suspect being a male wearing a black hoodie, a black jacket, and a black skull cap. That suspect, 39-year-old Leon Bernard Burroughs, left the area on a black bicycle. Officers learned that the victim’s Smartwatch had been stolen and that the victim was able to remotely determine through GPS tracking that the Smartwatch was in the 1800 block of Hardy Street. Additional officers went to the location on Hardy Street where they observed a bicycle matching the description of the one used in the burglary.

Officers learned from a family member Burroughs owned this bicycle and that he was living in a vehicle. On the property officers located the vehicle and observed Burroughs sleeping. Inside they saw a handgun resting on top of the vehicle which they secured in a safe location, while also discussing a plan to engage in dialogue with Burroughs. Officers open the doors to the vehicle and attempt to talk to Burroughs. Burroughs was asked multiple times to show his hands and to exit the vehicle. Instead of complying, Burroughs pulled out a gun and shot at one of the officers. Five officers immediately returned gunfire, striking Burroughs. One officer was grazed on his face by the gunshot fired by Burroughs.

Officers immediately moved to a position for cover and began to provide medical care to the injured officer. Burroughs was still inside of the vehicle after the exchange of gunfire. Officers maintained safe positions around the vehicle until the arrival of the SWAT unit. With the use of specialized equipment, officers were able to safely approach the vehicle and upon completing that approach, officers learned that Burroughs had died, following the exchange of gunfire. Inside the vehicle detectives located the firearm that Burroughs used to shoot at the officers as well as the shell casing. Forensic Analysis confirmed that the located casing came from Burroughs firearm along with the Smartwatch stolen during the burglary inside of the vehicle.

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