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Elon Musk Expects US Recession Will Last a Long Time but Will Be ‘Relatively Mild’


Crypto Investing

Hungarian Prime Minister Warns the West Against a Communist Takeover

China Fires Missiles Around Taiwan; White House Declares Monkeypox a Health Emergency

Taiwan PM Warns China Could ‘Invade’ as Chinese Missiles Land in Nearby Japan’s Waters

Brittney Griner Sentenced To 9 Years In Russian Prison

Uvalde School District Police Chief’s Termination Hearing Postponed Again Over ‘Scheduling Conflict’

Inflation Weighs on Back-to-School Buying for Many Families

New Statewide Program to Help Florida Fight Mounting Fentanyl Overdoses

Ocean Carriers Will Be Charged for Retaining Containers at Port of New York and New Jersey


Deputies Uncover 42 Pounds of Cocaine While Investigating Drug Dealer in California

Kari Lake Wins against Karrin Robson in the Republican race for Arizona Governor

Ashli Babbitt, Betsy Ross Flag and Liberty Tree Tied to Violent Extremism in Leaked FBI Bulletin

26 GOP Senators Back Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip; Key Primaries in 5 States

Who could have guessed it would go so … well?

26 Republican Senators Sign Statement Supporting Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit