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IT HAPPENED AGAIN! WhiteHouse Cuts Off Joe Biden

It’s just another day.

Skip Bayless was done with woke Shannon Sharpe until FS1 paide himm $32 mil to put up with him.

Bystander intervention trainings combat hate crimes against Muslims and Asian Americans

Instead of sending them Biden attends a roundtable on the importance of stimulus checks.

Joe Biden’s “DUMB” Quote of the Day !! March 5th, 2021 – Indians Taking Over Country


Cuomo’s Admin Altered Data By Pushing State Health Officials To Strip Nursing Home Death Data Report

Psaki: We’ll take them all, kids are fleeing prosecution, and then send them back.

Psaki: You know the president takes questions several times a week, twice yesterday.

Tom MacDonald Meets Slightly Offens*ve | Ep 132

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This didn’t age well: Gov. Cuomo on Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.