Pants Are Sexist, and B00BIES are killing Female Soldiers

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Why do civilian businesses and individuals feel they can tell the military what to do to improve itself, with little to no insight on how we function? The positive, yet misguided, women at felt it to be their turn to “bring attention to” some issues they deemed “life threatening.” One of these life threatening issues are pants. That’s right. Pants are going to cost us the lives of female Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, and those other two branches. Angry Veteran decides to share his two cents about the matter.

The views expressed on this page or any derivative therefrom are those of myself and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense, the New York Army National Guard, or U.S. Government. ~ A.C.


21 thoughts on “Pants Are Sexist, and B00BIES are killing Female Soldiers

  1. "If boobies can't feel, then why am i sucking on titties?"

    Dang man, that shit made me fucken die🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 love your videos🤣🇺🇲👍👍👍👍

  2. Oh boy. I am a soldier on short man struggle bus too!!! And bullshit about the men's stride lengths don't shorten. Ok. I want her to go in and see it for herself. And BOOTS!?!?! I buy my own for a reason!?!?!?! Button fly for one. And two men have to crap then we need to pull down pants. Two, and shewee works fine. OMG she is so far gone

  3. Deleted my comment when his sister said her piece cause she expressed my feelings better than i could.

    Even as a lay person i was smelling that chick's BS.

  4. I don't understand how you could argue against her. She is obviously an expert. I just wish she would have given an alternative for any one of her complaints. She almost makes it sound like women are NOT equal to men.

  5. Trust me if your rack was killing more soldier's then a bullet, youd get recruited and sent to the front lines more you fucking morons

    Btw be glad you can even recruit, just because of a bs label im not even allowed, and i dont even have the same damn problems as these other weak sensitive pricks with this condition, yall get a free pass when you aint even biologically fit for any combat outside a vehicle, i wanted ranger school, but to hell with that, im not even allowed to have a chance or even try to prove i can, that shits worse then failing, atleast failing you had a god damn chance to prove yourself

  6. When she said shoes I immediately said, "boots" out of pure reflex and I couldn't believe it lined up with him xD.
    Just wanted to say something because I'm bored at 11pm

  7. This guy's energy is fucking insane lol. The vests part is hilarious, I can tell you that there were tons of big tittied ladies in the military. They fit the equipment fine.

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