Protesters Storm Oklahoma Capitol to Protest New Law

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In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a group of protesters disrupted a house of representatives session to express their aversion to a bill protecting drivers who hit protesters that are blocking roads. The bill has since then been signed into law.

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36 thoughts on “Protesters Storm Oklahoma Capitol to Protest New Law

  1. Those animals should be in cages until they learn to share these so called rights. Threatening us means we can defend ourselves by eliminating the threat, them. Someone should educate these spoiled rotten shits. Threatening us again? By what right? The right to self defence IS the only real right.

  2. $OOOOOooo is it just me or does it look like most of these """"PROTESTERS""" . Aren't really living in a world where they've been being kept down and missing to many meals?

  3. All these Godless idiots out there with cellphones recording…!! Hopefully the man of sin will be arriving soon to cary these sheep to the eternal slaughter. Heathens.

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