Racism Against Asian Americans: Combatting Hate and Discrimination

From physical assault to harassment to discrimination, Asian Americans have experienced a harrowing — and often overlooked– array of violence in the U.S. This past year, longstanding racism has intersected with the coronavirus pandemic, making Asian Americans even more vulnerable to attack. The nonprofit Stop AAPI Hate recently reported that more than 3,700 anti-Asian incidents, many directed towards women, had been recorded from March 2020-February 2021. What can policymakers and the public do to combat these kinds of incidents and threats? A panel of experts discussed approaches, laws, resources and strategies to both draw attention to anti-Asian racism in the U.S. and to fight against it.

Presented jointly by The Forum at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and The World from PRX & GBH on April 30, 2021.