Report Reveals: Nursing Home Deaths Are 50% Higher in New York | Facts Matter

A new report from New York found that the official number of reported deaths in nursing homes were under-reported by as much as 50%.

A large group (of small investors) have begun gathering on Reddit to take down the large billion dollar hedge funds. Andโ€ฆ it looks like they are having success.

Over in Congress a new Democrat bill is working its way through the House which would allow for broad, nationwide mail-in voting to basically everyone.

General Michael Flynnโ€™s brother (Charles Flynn) has just been assigned to head up the U.S. Army Pacific.


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How Reddit Made GameStop’s Stock Price Soar; Wall Street VS. r/wallstreetbets | Facts Matter
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  2. The lefties need to do a better job with their trolls and bots. Only 59 dislikes? And Joe biden was the most popular presidential candidate…….riiiiiight.

  3. Many people have went to jail for life for murder, not because they physically did it themselves but because they initiated it. Isn't that why Charlie Manson did life?

  4. Cuomo literally signed the deaths of thousands in the nursing homes of New York. No one should be taking the advice of a person who is so irresponsible and responsible of such a tragedy

  5. An author on Fox this week, said that the real culprits behind cancel culture are members of the liberal elite media. Claiming to be for the little guys, while against them all the way. Liberal media bullies big tech to agree and go along. Robinhood is just one example.

  6. But Beijing BIden says that Killer Cuomo is the "gold standard." I would laugh but it is too sad. The real gold standard is Governor DeSantis and Governor Noem.

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