[Response] Men are Not Committing Anymore

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🧛 FAQ 🧛

– What is your intro/outro song?
Old Intro song is Renegade by Stevie Rain. Outro is Easy by Stevie Rain. New intro is a beat I made.

– What is the anime at the start/end?
Vampire Hunter D, really good movie.

– How come you didn’t cover my video request?
I get a lot of video requests at this point, I can’t get through everybody. I will probably make a paid request feature in the future for people who want to support the channel and have their video featured on the show.

– Hey man, your audio is kind of messed up.
I genuinely appreciate you letting me know. Chances are, I know there is an issue in a particular video and I am trying to fix/avoid it in future videos. My time is limited, and sometimes it takes awhile and its better to just get the video out for you guys. It is not a matter of fixed once, always fixed.

These videos are not encouragement for viewers to go and harass these people. The videos are for entertainment purposes only and the Warband does not condone any such harassment or hate.