RUTHLESS. As CNN Craters Desperate Jim Acosta Attacks Tucker Carlson in Shocking New Low

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Carmine Sabia from Conservative Brief reports, Even after his schtick with Donald Trump has come to an end, CNN News’ “chief domestic correspondent,” Jim Acosta continues to pander to the far left and make himself look ridiculous in the process.

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CNN Anchor Jim Acosta Insinuates Tucker Carlson Is A White Supremacist

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24 thoughts on “RUTHLESS. As CNN Craters Desperate Jim Acosta Attacks Tucker Carlson in Shocking New Low

  1. Pathetic what we have for “journalists” these days, absolutely devoid of integrity, ethics, and zero skills of investigation and no longer bothering to vet their sources or “information” if you can call that drivel “informative”.

  2. Not supremacist, he probably got confused, what he was declaring is the TC is "superior" to him. But we all know, everybody is superior, a superior being, in comparison with shameful liar and ridiculous J.A., what a sh*t of a halfman

  3. It wasn't murder. It was homicide by negligence. CNN got it wrong, along with the rest of MSM (no surprise), the DA got it wrong and the Judge let it go. The Republic has fallen.

  4. Commie News Network still on the air? Mr. Acosta needs another line of work, he sucks at the job he presently attempts to perform now. Not to give the rest of the people who do this job a bad rap, however he would seem to fit right in pumping Porto Lets or spreading fertilizer as he always seems to be spreading manure or espousing fecal matter. A walking, talking POS….

  5. Cicero said, "When you have no defense, abuse your accuser." The leftist cult has taken it a step further: "Ignore the facts; just listen to my name-calling."

  6. Allegedly CNN has been "cratering" for over 4 years! Yeeeeaaaaaaah, Riiiiiight! Reality is, "Freedom of Speech" does not exclude stupid speech, lies, and distortions.

  7. All while the CNN scum have lied with every word. How can the American Taxpayer find out the truth ? This stinks like Hitlers domination of the media in 1940's Germany except these idiots worked hand and hand with the Deep State on their own ! Hitler forced his media to comply. Maybe the Deepstate threatened the American Media outlets ??????? No, they're just Anti American Marxists. The world knows the truth……

  8. Jim,Jim, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You have lost all credibility as a reporter.

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