Shapiro Reacts To Disgusting Race-Baiting Tweet

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After a Holiday Inn Express worker was harshly criticized by a customer, provoking the employee to apparently suffer a mental breakdown while the customer kept berating him, a self-described journalist who calls himself “The World’s #1 Race-baiter” posted the video online, framing the situation in racial terms by highlighting that the employee was white and the customer black.

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46 thoughts on “Shapiro Reacts To Disgusting Race-Baiting Tweet

  1. Whether you’re a fan of Ben or not, he’s spot on here. We need to give people the benefit of the doubt more. Whenever you meet somebody who’s being rude, or impatient or incompetent, whatever it is… Just consider, maybe their mum just died, or their wife/husband left them, there could be anything going on in this person’s life that you don’t know about. You don’t have to be their new best friend, just give them the benefit of the doubt.

  2. The disgusting moron who did this is a menace , You can thank the democrats & the media for fomenting public harassment & civil unrest . To say nothing of what the dems have done to our Military and local Law Enforcement.

  3. Oh Ben, you so supercilious and only deal with the issues that YOU think are worthy. The sort that is happening is political and your constant dealing with the "right" and the "left" is only exacerbating the situation

  4. What a piece of shit… that poor worker was clearly trying & I feel like if he had any symptoms of autism & such, you would see it before the escalation. This video taker seems very opportunistic & just trying to get views on the internet.

  5. After watching from a distance, at least 6 people step over an old lady who'd collapsed in the street many years ago, nothing surprises me about people. Nothing whatsoever.

  6. How does this make the guy behind the counter a racist apparently now a days black people cant be racist wen I’m reality their usually the more racist humans just wat I’ve seen

  7. the woke society are destroying us just enough that during the division of its people it then leaves us open to attack from those that despise the west….. divide and conquer anyone?? they are creating the world they say they are fighting against and it baffles me.. how come i can't say what is on my mind and have a debate about it without being worried about being accused of some isms and then my life and that of my family can be blasted to the world, to deal with humiliation and threats ? All this coming from people that preach kindness and equality… This will continue until people stand up against it

  8. This is heartbreaking!! When I was a teacher, I frequently had students suffering from this sort of mental disorder and to think of my students being tormented in this manner fills me with rage!! Whoever filmed this and posted it is evil. The dipshit playing the race card is evil. They need to repent. I wouldn’t have their heart for anything!! I would rather be the person being tormented than have the hearts of the tormentors! They are wicked and evil

  9. Can we please stop pretending he ever was a person of good character? Making anything about race for him is just comedy. Since he was allready known for making fun of guys with darker skin color than his own, because if the darker skincolor. The crispy show.

  10. The fact that this you man was brave enough to get a job, face his fears day in and day out is something to be commended. My son is EOBPD and this is just HEARTBREAKING as a mom to watch. This man filming is a problem! This “journalist” is the worst of us. He is the example I use to show my kids how NOT to treat people. For anyone to sit and laugh and another humans suffering is DISGUSTING! It’s always shocking to me to see how few have their humanity intact. I’m praying this young man sees that there are far more good human in this world than these POS’S.

  11. I know exactly how those breakdowns feel. it's hard to talk about partly because of the stigma with mental health but also, (for me at least) I don't like saying that my actions that are caused by my mental conditions. I feel like I am blaming my misfortunes on my conditions instead of taking responsibility, but at the same time recognising that I need to give myself a break because those conditions are brutal at times. It's this battle between the need to take responsibility and the very real effects that mental conditions have on people. I can't even imagine what someone recording me with their phone while I am in that state would do to me. GOD bless you my friend.

  12. It's not ok for black people to act entitled and racist. There not above anyone else and to keep being ugly and racist to white people should be stopped. If white people are talking about blacks then it's a huge issue. I hate to say it but stop being the bigger person and ignoring this racism

  13. while I agree with Ben that ppl are quick to pull out there phones, and most people are self righteous assholes nowaday that think they do no wrong…. a guy with these mental issues shouldn't be working in a customer service job. he needs to go lay some brick down get some steam off. cauae ppl are gonna be assholes especially in a cs job. everyone can be held accountable here.

  14. Ben, Hope you get this post. 1st thing I need to put out there is this post earned my subscription to Daily Wire. After dropping off all Social Media and virtually all Traditional Media I find myself experiencing an echo chamber among the podcasters and youtubers I frequent most. NOT THIS! This sets you apart and I want to show my appreciation. In regards to this post, its a shameful testament to the state of our society that making a video like this go viral was a bigger motivator than helping another human in obvious distress cope with the world we live in. Watching it, all I wanted to do was to console that dude. Help him to know it was going to be ok and he could get through it. WTF is wrong with them for not instantly sympathizing and wanting to help him cope? You are correct that we have all been that dude at some point. Violently acting out against ourselves and our stuff. I have to resist the urge not to destroy my computer almost daily. And self destructive behavior too when I do something truly stupid. Yeah I want to beat myself about the head sometimes because inside I know who I am and when I cant get it to happen externally… well lets just say I can put myself in his shoes easily. I should say thanks for posting but while I cant bring myself to thanking you for posting it, appreciation for what you're bringing to the table and not being part of the echo chamber is easy to provide. See you on the Daily Wire!

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