Shapiro WRECKS The Oscars: “Hollywood Hates Its Audience”

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The city of Los Angeles, California, is facing a backlash amid reports it booted dozens of homeless people from the city’s Union Station — and even dismantled an existing homeless encampment — ahead of Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony.

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22 thoughts on “Shapiro WRECKS The Oscars: “Hollywood Hates Its Audience”

  1. The woke brought 18th century ideas to modern society that no longer apply after three centuries of evolution on human rights; now society is using those old ideas to bring down the woke as Marie Antoinette and her privileged friends were once.
    I love when a stupid snake eats itself up.

  2. That's wrong if I was famous attending awards I'd give the homeless my seat no cap we all need to look after each other as brothers and sisters help each other succeed in life❤

  3. Paul Revere needs to ride again but instead of calling out the "British are coming!" try this time Paul, "The Hollywood Commies are coming with their swag bags." I say put all the Hollywood hags back in their sugar sacks like last year.

  4. nomads is a film about a homeless person that calls herself a nomad because its sounds more positive then homeless.
    I saw only the trailer and i had to cry.
    I love movies and hollywood is ruining it all!!!

  5. I agree with a lot of what Ben says. But sorry dude, if what you got from Sound of Metal was a critique on the healthcare system, you were too busy being cynical and missed a phenomenal movie.

  6. Ben did say Sweden in there little show bag of goodies for staying there. No doubt it will be environmentally and ice berg friendly little retreat where you can practice among the Scandinavian fjords with the echoes of yodelling the swedish rhapsosy Greta's, The how DARE you suite!

  7. Here’s our own poll that says this….but that’s inaccurate, I say it’s more like this.
    Some logic there.
    Also I’m sure many Americans have seen at least 1 of the films – trial of the Chicago 7 being one. It’s free on Netflix and been available for months.

  8. Lmaooo this is so funny its sad. Like how can people like celebrities be so full of themselves and entitled, and at the same time so unpopular and are constantly being reminded on how terrible they are as a person.

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