12 PCS Magic Crystal Soft Free Slime Toy Art Set for Kids for Autistic Children Educational Toys Gir


Eco-friendly material, good for kids’ health.
Rich Colors, develop kids’ color sense.
Simple operation and suitable for ages 3+.
Develop the kids’ creativity and imagination.
Exercise the kids’ coordination ability with hands, eyes and brain.
Due to temperature effects, may not be used. Soak in hot water at 40 degrees Celsius before use.
Featured environmentally friendly raw materials,natural resin production,safe non-toxic non-added.
Easy to preserve,recycle use:After playing,put the dough back into cooked food box,can maintain choi mud softness.
Easy and Air dry, do not baked,safe material, looks like jelly, super light, soft, color is pure, can be arbitrary mixed color,easy modelling

Colors:12 colors for Choice
Gift Along with 5 colorful straws ,3 moulds and 3 small tools. Mold Colors are Random,Straw: is for making bubble,kids use straw to make their own bubbles
Mould: is for shaping clay
Tools: is good helper when shaping this clay.
The difficulty of blowing bubbles is related to temperature. If you want to blow bubbles, can be placed in warm water soak after inside try again.
It Surper Crystal mud,Not Playdough,Not Fimo,Not
Plasticene; It Can Not Eat!
Package:Box packing

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